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Baby Girl's Nursery - Part 2

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July week. My family and I spent the week up north in Door County, WI where my in-laws have a beautiful home right on Lake Michigan. Our time was spent eating delicious food like Wisconsin cheese and sweet, red cherries (which are in season right now!) and doing lots of fun activities like parades, fireworks, farmers markets, golf, relaxing and more! I am looking forward to our next trip up before baby girl arrives where I will be stocking up on all of my favorite wines. If you have never been there, I highly recommend going.

While we were out of town the wallpaper arrived for the nursery and I couldn't wait to put it up. I had big plans to do it on my own but my migraine (and my belly) got in the way, so my sweet husband spent Sunday morning installing it. I have listed some steps below on how we achieved this look and how you can too! We purchased our wallpaper from The wallpaper turned out beautiful but since this was our first time working with it, it took a little getting used to. Ultimately it turned out exactly how I pictured! Check out this video below to see how to install this peel and stick wallpaper.

Watch the video here:


1. Wallpaper Smoothing tool

2. Sharp scissors

3. Peel and stick Wallpaper

4. Cutting tool (exacto or tool included with purchase from WallsNeedLove).

5. Ladder

6. Damp wash cloth


1. Measure your wall(s) to decide how much surface area you need to cover, then visit or other sites like and choose your paper.

2. Wipe down your wall with a damp cloth and let dry completely. If you have just painted wait at least two weeks before applying or you risk the wallpaper coming down.

3. The sheets of wallpaper came precut in 6 individual panels. Lay the panel face down and peel back about 2ft worth of the backing and cut the backing off only.

4. Line up the wall paper with the ceiling, sticking the white edge above the wallpaper pattern to the actual ceiling (you will trim later). You must also line up the left edge of the wallpaper with the corner of the wall. You can stick and unstick the paper as often as you need to.

5. Use the smoothing tool to slowly smooth out any imperfections. I recommend using a wallpaper with more of a white background as it is more forgiving if there is a tiny crease. If you come across a large bubble or crease simply unstick the wallpaper and start again. Peel the backing down a little bit at a time and smooth. Don't worry about the excess wallpaper as you will trim it all at the end. Do NOT peel off the entire back and attempt to install - we lost an entire panel this way. ($$)

6. Once the first panel is attached, repeat the process of removing 2ft of the backing, then overlap your second panel a half inch until it lines up with the existing panel. Start at the top and repeat the process of smoothing.

7. Repeat this process for all of your panels.

8. Once your wallpaper is applied, use the cutting tool to remove the white edges on the top and bottom of the wallpaper and any outlets etc. We did not have any outlets or light switches but the wallpaper comes with detailed on how to cut those pieces out of your wallpaper.

Wallpaper Tips:

Now that the wallpaper is installed we can add the trim and start putting the nursery furniture together. I can't wait to show you the final part of the nursery reveal, this has truly been a labor of love with some major hiccups along the way (busted dresser, wrong color curtains, etc).

I also want to say that this was no easy task, it is not as simple as the video makes it seem and it will not be 100% perfect as it is essentially a large wall decal. If you are expecting absolutely perfect wallpaper I would recommend not using the peel and stick. That said, the beauty of the peel and stick wallpaper is that it comes down as easily as it goes up, if the trend goes out of style you don't have to spend hundreds of hours (and dollars) removing it. The lighter patterns are more forgiving but also if the wallpaper is "busier" and has tiny imperfections no one will notice.

Happy wallpapering!

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