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First Floor Guest Bedroom Transformation

For quite sometime I have wanted to move our guest bedroom to the first floor. Upon entering the front door of our home, directly to the right are a pair of french doors that lead into a room with it's own bathroom. When we moved in two years ago we turned this room into my office. Since I work from home, I thought this would be the perfect place for my own space. After two years of working from home in our new house, I can say that I have sat and worked in my office a total of three times. Working at my kitchen table has proved to be easier when having to simultaneously make sure my toddler is entertained, fed and staying out of trouble. Simple, right?

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I am pushing to transform the current office into our new guest room. I have been struggling with the paint color choice but was inspired today to change my original design from a creamy white to something a little more daring. After some encouragement from a dear friend, I have decided on a jewel tone. I love the look of an emerald accent wall, paired with Benjamin Moore "Swiss Coffee" on the remaining walls. I want the room to feel light and bright but still posses a trendy pop of color. The paint I chose is a gorgeous, deep emerald called "Weekend" by Magnolia. I will incorporate some live plants into the space, to give the room some life. I also have a large, antique, oak armoire that my dad refinished last year that will compliment the emerald tone.

I want to this space to feel a little more funky then my usual, modern/farmhouse style. I am incorporating a black and white southwest style bedspread with some jewel tone sheets and a fabric headboard. The fabric headboard is grey and has silver, stud accents. I plan to mix some metals throughout the design by using a funky, silver end table and an antique, gold mirror. I plan to add some warmth with terracotta clay planters and some hanging macramé plant holders with some philodendron plant.

I picked up the headboard from and the bedspread from Target for $100 total! We are a family on a budget, but that doesn't mean one cannot create a nice, well decorated space that is welcoming and a place you are proud of.

I can't wait to share the finished product with you! Stay tuned.


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