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AMD's Farmhouse Finds

As of late I have been thoroughly impressed with Walmart and their fabulous, home decor pieces. Competing with Target's consistent influence in the interior decorating world, Walmart has really "stepped up their game" by creating affordable and adorable pieces. If you are a family on a budget, and are looking for that chic, modern, farmhouse decor, look no further. I have pulled some adorable pieces below that I think are worth a second look. I am hoping to score a few of these myself! *

Roll Arm Accent Chair


Multiple colors

I love the adorable studs along the bottom and the weathered, wooden legs. This chair would look gorgeous in a reading nook or in front of a fireplace. I personally love the gray fabric (of course), but this chair comes in beige and a blue, denim color.

Console Table / TV Stand


Wow! I just love the faded, barn wood used to create this piece. This could be used as a console table as well as a stand for your television. I think the price point is very reasonable. Although, I do for see some Alan Keyes and patience in your future in order to put this bad boy together.

5x7 Indigo Rug


I am obsessed with indigo right now. I love how it can add a really elegant pop of color to a room. Indigo pairs well with neutrals and has a timeless vibe. This rug is under $100, that is crazy cheap! And, if you decide you are tired of indigo and want to change out your pop of color, you only spent $99. I need this piece, ASAP.




These dishes will be mine. I love the two tone, white and grey. I love the deep, grooves that give the impression they were created on a potting wheel. To me, this feature gives them that farmhouse flair that always leaves me with a comforting feeling of home.

Rosegold Flatware


I mean, does it get any cuter than rose gold? The answer is NO...It does not.

I love the rounded, vintage style of the prongs and the worn handles. I think these would be a great for a summer dinner party outdoors or eating pumpkin pie on a cool, fall evening inside by a crackling fire. Get the complete set here.

I hope you have enjoyed my farmhouse finds this week. Most of all, I hope that you took away it is possible to design your home on a budget! Find all of these affordable pieces at under the Better Homes and Garden section. Right now they have FREE shipping! That will really come in handy when you order that chair or console table. ;-)

Have a great Sunday everyone!

*I am not affiliated with Walmart, all opinions are my own.

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