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Toddler Bedroom Makeover


There is nothing like the sound of your two and a half year old falling face-first out of his crib in the middle of the night to light a fire under you. While staying last weekend at my in-laws home in Door County, Cal thought this would be the perfect time to decide he did not want to sleep in a crib any longer. Thankfully, an air mattress and sleeping with yours truly all weekend remedied that situation..until we got home.

At four months old we decided to sleep train Cal and even now at two and a half, sleep training has consistently kept him napping and sleeping twelve hours each night. I have to be honest I was slightly terrified to transfer him into a toddler bed, knowing that he would now have the freedom to roam his room (and play with his toys) whenever he pleased. It has been four days since we implemented the toddler bed and I am happy to report he has napped an slept in his room the same amount of time as he did in the crib. Fingers crossed this sticks!


If you have ever glanced at my Instagram or Pinterest boards, or had a conversation with me, you know my obsession for shiplap is real. When we initially moved into our home last year, we quickly painted Cal's nursery gray (silver drop by Valspar) and threw his furniture in and called it a day. I had spent a lot of time on it in initially in Chicago (where he was born) and didn't have the energy to recreate it.

There is a small nook in his bedroom that is the perfect spot for a bed, so I had the idea to hang a shiplap wall to give the room some texture. We used Weaber Weathered Hardwood, I can't seem to find the link for the white but you can find this easy to cut, pre stained wood in the lumber section of Home Depot. We used the staggered pattern but it comes with instructions on how to create other styles. Here is a link for some more information about them. I would definitely use this again in other places in our home.


We picked up an adorable toddler bed and mattress from my neighbors garage sale last year for just $30! It is white and has two small rails on the side, the mattress is a little softer than his crib mattress but the same size. I purchased a fox crib sheet, an orange quilt, and a fox pillow from target to complete this look. The quilt is for a twin so I had to fold it in half, every toddler size comforter from target had characters on it or was an absurd price from The Land of Nod (etc.) so we went with this simple design.

The storage cubes, toy chest and table were purchased from Ikea and target. At his age, he is more than likely going to destroy this furniture in the next 5-6 years so I don't see the point in spending a fortune on some pieces we will need to replace. Mainly, I wanted to create storage to hide toys, diapers etc. all while making sure he has a safe, inviting, space of his own.

Cal's dresser was found by my Dad at a garage sale for just $15! It is a quality piece and has that 1950's vintage vibe I was looking for. He painted in from brown and tan, to white and orange to match the color scheme of the room. Did I mention how lucky I am to have him as my Dad?!

To give the room a vintage feel I combined some antiques on his shelves with the more modern color scheme and furniture choices. The globe was made in the 1950's along with the model air planes. The colorful abacus was purchased at ikea. The navy and white rug was a Home Goods find from a few years ago, and the navy black-out curtain is from target. The navy bins were purchased at Babies R Us a couple years ago as well.

I hope you enjoyed the write up on Calvin's nursery as much as I loved creating it, thank you stopping by!

For design inquires please click here.

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