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Front Room Design Goals

Hello friends! Long time no blog. It has been a whirlwind of a month working on my sister's wedding along with some other design projects. The wedding was a huge success, I am a little bit sad that it's over and it wasn't even my wedding! Now onto my next projects..

The front room of our home is probably the biggest "thorn in my side" at the moment. The room is very large, has a darker floor color than the rest of the house and is a complete hodgepodge of furniture. It needs to be painted, along with needing to be completely refurnished. Since this probably won't be happening for a minute, I thought a good way to get my ideas down would be to pull some photos of what I am looking for in the future and share with you guys! See that, accountability! ;-)

First, I would like to paint the room a nice, crisp shade of white. The furniture elements I chose are darker colors than I normally like so I think they will pop well amongst white walls.

We are absolutely a family on a budget, so I like to find the best deals possible for decorating our home. I found all of these pieces from Bob's Discount Furniture. First, I wanted to start some nice, leather pieces. I found a beautiful couch and a love seat, along with a chic, denim accent chair. Since the floors are a dark brown wood, unlike the rest of our home, I wanted to use a large 8x10 rug to cover as much as possible. (At *some point* we will refinish all the floors in our home but I am talking 10 years from now).

I love mixing traditional and industrial, farmhouse elements with more modern and luxurious pieces. I think the black, circular design of the lamps have a beautiful, farmhouse feel along with the rustic end table and coffee table. The denim and leather pieces give the room a more luxurious feel. I think the blue rug will give the room a nice pop of color amongst the whites, browns and blacks.

Since our office will become the guest room, the den/front room must also have a desk for my husband to work. This room currently sits empty so the fact that it will be used for things other then our Christmas tree makes me happy! We have a large record collection as well so our record player and LP's will sit nicely in the entertainment cabinet. To tie the whole room together I will need to find some long curtains as well as some throw pillows and some other antique home decor pieces.

I styled this entire room for UNDER $3,000! That is a win in my book.

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