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Kitchen Remodel Before and After

I woke up this morning with a spring in my step. I am happy to report the kitchen remodel is complete! My sweet husband spent all of Sunday morning installing the hardware and custom doors we had made for the apron sink. I am pinching myself, I cannot believe that after eight long weeks we are finally done!

The vision I had for the kitchen was to create a space that felt bright, open, and most importantly inviting. I wanted to combine two of my favorite design styles: classic farmhouse and industrial modern. I felt the juxtaposition of the two styles would create a timeless and unique space.

I love the color gray (as you already know), so I wanted it to be the main accent color throughout the room. Our kitchen was already painted a beautiful light gray (Angels Sigh by Valspar), so I used a much darker charcoal gray in the lower cabinets and in the color of the grout used for the backsplash. I also had the pantry doors stained gray by my sweet Dad.

The second accent color I chose was white. White pairs really well with gray (and most everything else), it also makes the space feel light and bright. The color white was predominately used in kitchens and bathrooms in the the early 1900's to represent cleanliness. I think that sentiment is still true today but choosing the actual shade of white is harder than one would think. I picked about twenty different swatches of white and felt completely overwhelmed for a moment. The white we used had to be the same shade as the backsplash, because if it was too white or made the backsplash appear yellow in anyway it would make the tile look dingy.

A project of this magnitude requires A LOT of different, small, design decisions that add up to a much larger picture.This can be stressful for some but I absolutely love it. For me, styling interiors is very similar to being a graphic designer, just on a smaller scale. Not everything is the same of course, but as humans, we use design as a way to communicate with one another. This is true for web and print design as well as interior design/decorating. If you design a space that is light, bright, cozy and inviting you are communicating to your guests to make themselves comfortable in your home. Design is as important to a successful project as setting the budget for said project.

One of the most important aspects of a large project is having a budget in place BEFORE starting, this aspect is critically important. We were very budget conscious during the entire process. By keeping and painting our original cabinets, and adding a few more, we were able to get the quartz countertops and backsplash we wanted. This also allowed us to have under cabinet lighting installed as well as the custom, barn doors. Originally, we had no plans to change the pantry doors but my husband pointed out that our existing doors looked out of place, and I agreed whole heartedly. The sliding, barn doors absolutely make the space unique and rustic. The hardware gives off the industrial vibe as well as the classic X pattern in the doors giving a vintage feel to the space. There are many gray and white kitchens out there but not one has these gorgeous, custom made, barn doors. Another unique feature we added to our kitchen is the waterfall countertop on the island. I think this aspect makes the space feel a little more elegant and modern.

A lot of really talented people made our kitchen dreams come true. If you have any upcoming projects that require professionals, I highly recommend these amazing people below.

Do you need help designing, managing or decorating your home? I can help, contact me for more information!

Nick Webb of Blue Oak Construction

Matt and Gina of A Royal Paint

Lydia - Best Buy Carpet & Granite

David Penna - Electrician

Tj Blevins - Plumber

Check out the gallery below to see the transformation:

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