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Kitchen Remodel - Part 4

Wow! I cannot believe I am actually writing this...we are just days away from being finished with our kitchen remodel. Subway tile, plumbing and countertops are installed. Tomorrow, our custom, pantry, barn doors will be installed. Finally, on Thursday the cabinet and drawer fronts will return from the painters. The final step will be installing hardware on all of our cabinets and drawers - which WILL happen this weekend.

I am currently posted up at the kitchen island waiting for my Skinny Taste Chicken Parmesan to finish cooking on the stove. I may or may not be on my second glass of the economical and oh-so- yummy, Boda Box Nighthawk Black. YUMMMM! #momlife

In anticipation of the kitchen remodel wrapping, I picked up some adorable plants to sit underneath our charming, kitchen windows. This location gets quite a bit of sunlight so I made sure to choose plants that love the sun (six plus hours a day). I also wanted to pick up herbs that I use in my daily recipes. I chose basil and dill, two of my all time fav's! How cute are these little guys? I picked up these adorable, grey, flower pots from Michaels. I am still searching for a 2" clay pot for that little succulent, guy. Don't worry, I properly potted all of them - after the photo below was taken.

One of the most exciting purchases of the day was this gorgeous, hanging philodendron. I also snagged this retro, macramé, hanging basket. I need to convince my hubby to hang the actual hook for it into the ceiling (when he gets home from work) Should go GREAT ;-) . Oh and FYI macramé is back, Ya'll. Greens are a great way to give life to a room. I love succulents because their natural beauty almost makes them look fake and they are literally impossible to kill.

I also picked up this adorable wooden crate from Michaels and styled it with my collection of mason jars, wooden tools and bowls.

Plant friends:

New home for said plant friends:

I cannot wait to post the FINAL kitchen reveal in just a few short days. My super talented, friend and neighbor BrieAnne Rader will be photographing all the details and I am so excited to share it all with you guys.

Cheers to the next few days going smoothly! *CLINK*

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