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Give Me All The Grey!

Foyer Transformation

I think it's safe to say I have a pretty ridiculous obsession with the color grey. I'm working on ones perfect. ;-) When we moved into our house a little over a year ago, every square inch was painted the same color, a neutral nightmare. I am assuming this was done by the builders and the previous owners never updated it. Now, thanks to my sweet husband, most all of our home is now painted various shades of grey... including the large hallway that spans about half the house. This was quite the project because our hallway ceilings are 12 ft and the foyer is two stories tall. The color we chose was "Grey Screen" by Sherwin Williams b​​ut we matched it at Home Depot with Behr Marquee in eggshell finish. After my husband finished painting we hired A Royal Paint, to patch some nail pops, and re-tape our vaulted hallway ceiling..maybe even touch up a few grey roller marks as well. ;-) They are going to be painting our kitchen cabinets for our kitchen remodel starting in the next couple weeks.

Door Replacement

Another issue we had to tackle in the front hall was our front door being completely rotted, making the door virtually impossible to open and shut. Not to mention, the old door wasn't our style, it was a clear glass with prairie style lines and blinds. We had to handle this before winter (2016) because not only did it allow water in, but also cold air. You would literally need a sweater to walk past it on a cold day. We purchased some custom doors from Pella, though I would not recommend them in anyway shape or form. We had a long list of problems with the hardware, proper parts being ordered etc. and they were not helpful in anyway. We were basically ghosted by our project manager(s)... I am almost certain good customer service is dead at large companies. See my review on Yelp for the full story.

Here are the interior and exterior views:

Banister Painting & Chandelier

A few weeks ago I woke up and decided I despised our oak banisters and declared that it needed to be painted white, IMMEDIATELY...4 coats and 13 hours later the banister was a beautiful, crisp white! I used Valspar Premium white trim paint. I would recommend using something a bit thicker and priming the wood separately vs. using a prime/paint combo. Now my next project is to get that 90's chandelier down and hang this gorgeous wood and iron piece from I just need to find the money for it under my couch cushions.. be right back. It will happen at some point but maybe not this year. Thats okay, I can be patient..

Here are some of the before and after pictures:

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