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As a senior graphic designer with over eleven years of professional experience, I can offer a wide variety of knowledge and creativity for your next project. I have worked as a print and web developer in large, corporate settings as well as small businesses. My experience working for an agency taught me versatility so I am able to design for multiple different brands. I also have taken on freelance design projects alongside my career, which has shaped my ability to work with clients one on one, providing them with the attention to detail they deserve, as well as the availability to ensure nurturing and successful business relationships.




The package I am currently offering is a user-friendly platform that the client may log into (in the future) to make updates, edits, add photos, blog etc. I create and build the initial look per my client's requests, build the pages, launch the site and maintain the website (should the client desire). To build the site can take anywhere from 15 - 30 hours, any adjustments after the initial build and reveal are billed by the hour. I charge $35 an hour and request 50% upfront to begin any project via PayPal, Chase or Venmo. The platform offers a variety of subscriptions for different client needs which can be paid by credit card to the host. The yearly subscription fee only hosts the website (I receive no compensation for this aspect). There is also a free version that requires no hosting fee.

why not Etsy prices?


I often get asked why I charge what I do for my print pieces when there is something like Etsy where you can purchase a template (someone else has used hundreds of times) for much less. I want to let my clients know that I never reuse work and the product you are getting from me is completely unique to you and your special event.  I don't have a problem with anyone using Etsy, I think there are some beautiful pieces out there, but I get asked this question frequently. I want your invitation, business card birthday party sign, etc. to be 100% authentic to you.


custom Invitations

Depending on your project times may vary, so I always ask that you contact me for a time and price quote. The starting price listed below is the price for the initial design, any drastic changes or redesigns are billed by the hour. I request a 50% upfront to begin any project via PayPal. 

Wedding invitations and save the dates usually go hand in hand. I generally spend anywhere from 4-6 hours on either. I have a local printer or can find one near you (at a competitive price) and send the files there for printing. I will also choose the paper and send you samples as well as a digital and printed proof. All you have to do is pick up the final invitations and pay the printing cost to the printer. I also will find your envelopes, enclosures, wedding stamps, all through the convenience of your phone or home computer! I do not bill for this service, just time spent designing and making changes.


Special Event: $75

Wedding Invitations: Starting $125

Save the Dates: Starting $75

Seating Charts & Place Cards: $100

Wedding Programs: $75

personalized template Invitations

Check out my customizable holiday templates as well as my personalized prints for more budget-friendly options. Each template has the price listed alongside the design. Contact me for questions or other inquiries.

pricing etc. 

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